Experienced Pawn Brokers & Traders Guarantee The Best Deal

Need some extra cash? Have items lying around the house just begging to be used? Consider bringing them to Blue Box Trading & Pawn. Our staff has almost a decade of experience in buying, selling, and pawning valuables. We do our best to get you the top price for your items, whether you are selling, trading, or pawning. Stop by our location or call us today for a quote: (207) 753-2650

Short-Term Loans by Pawning Your Items at Blue Box Trading & Pawn

Blue Box Trading & Pawn can offer short-term loans in exchange for an item of value as collateral. When you bring an item to us, we will determine how much it is worth, and give you a loan for that amount. We will keep the item until you pay the loan back, and then it becomes yours again. We accept any item of value for pawn, including jewelry, collectibles, electronics, large pawns, and more.

Unique Items Available For A Limited Time Only

At Blue Box Trading & Pawn, our inventory relies a lot on chance. We obtain items from sales, trades, and estate sales, so we never know what is going to come across our counters. Because of this, you will find plenty of rare and unique items in our shop. Our inventory changes constantly, so check back often to see any new items we have obtained.

Find Like-New Electronics & Appliances at Affordable Prices

Appliances and electronics can be some of the most expensive items you put in your home. Why pay full price at one of those box stores when you can find like-new, gently used appliances and electronics at Blue Box Trading & Pawn for much cheaper? All our electronics come with a 30-day warranty, and our appliances all have a 90-day warranty. So, if your purchase does not work when you take it home, you can bring it back for a full refund.

Trade in Your Items for Something New

If you have items sitting around your home that you no longer use or want, bring them to Blue Box Trading & Pawn. We will determine their value, and then you are free to trade your items for something in our inventory of equal or lesser value. If you choose to trade for something that is worth less than the item you traded, we will give you the difference in cash.

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